2020 engagement ring trends: 5 styles ring in the New Year

New Year, new trends. What better way to decide on an engagement ring than to explore the direction that will dominate this season?

Recently, the engagement ring market has changed from traditional to unique styles, and classic diamonds are no exception. In the coming year, excited prospective brides will find that fancy cut shapes, floral styles, retro styles, and double metallic tones are on the rise in popularity. Whether you decide to use any of these unique styles, you will definitely find something you will love not only in 2020 but also in the next few years. Scroll further to see the trend of engagement rings will definitely dominate the new year.

1. Engagement Ring Trends: Emerald Cut

Engagement Ring TrendsWhen you replace classic round diamonds with emerald-cut stones, it is easy to stand out from the crowd. We have seen that contemporary brides increasingly prefer emerald cut diamonds every year, and this trend is only increasing in popularity. Not to mention Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) was only recommended to wear a stunning emerald cut diamond engagement ring this year. Emerald cut diamonds were also popular in the 1970s and 1980s, so it makes sense for the little girl who grew up to adore her mother’s emerald-cut diamonds is now getting married and wearing a similar diamond ring. If you want a slimmer, smoother look that gives your ring a stylish and charming feel, emerald-shaped stones are great.

Looking forward to 2020, emerald-shaped gemstones are rising!

2. Engagement Ring Trends: Floral

Engagement Ring TrendsThe flower-shaped saw-shaped ring was popular in the Edwardian era and made a comeback in the design of engagement rings. These timeless and feminine installations are real works of art, and their intricate saw-like details almost mimic complex and delicate braided lace. The delicate flower details add subtle embellishments without affecting the truly unique characteristics of the ring. Recently, many celebrities have been engaged in retro-style rings, which may be the reason for the increasing popularity of the New Year, and it is not surprising that such a lasting beauty.

3. Engagement Ring Trends: Fancy Cut

Engagement Ring TrendsAnother way of mixing is to replace the universal round diamonds with less common pear, oval, emerald, or marquise diamonds. Elegant and effortless, not to mention slim, these uniquely shaped diamonds have recently been among the top among Ariana Grande, Cardi B., Sophie Turner, and Hailey Baldwin. Although round diamonds are still the most important, these fancy gems give your ring a unique and romantic feel. Stick to the traditional north-south setting for an elegant look, or try to use something to create a striking modern style.

4. Engagement Ring Trends: Two-Tone

This type of installation is truly unique, and especially a trend. Romantic and durable, you will definitely see more of this alternative style engagement ring in 2020. This appearance is formed by fusing two different metals together. Choosing to mix yellow or rose gold with platinum is a safe and smart method that allows you to have a completely unique ring while maintaining its durability. Combining the rugged platinum metal with the pink hue of rose gold can create a brand new and feminine ring. On the other hand, the gold ring of Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) caused widespread popularity, and many brides chose a soft gold appearance. 

Choosing two-tone ringtones can make a bold statement through a different route from the classic white or gold metal. It also creates the best of both world’s experience for couples with competitive tastes. The groom may think of metals you have never considered. Combining the metal you want with your metal will ensure that everyone will be happy.

5. Engagement Ring Trends: Vintage-Style

There is nothing better than a timeless and classic look, especially for the rest of the ring! Take a page from the bride’s book, and then consider the ring it used to be and now popular. For brides who like historical roots or just appearance, vintage rings are advancing as gorgeous and stylish future heirlooms. Vintage rings vary in shape, style, and size, spanning decades, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco styles. 

wedding ring we love now

Layering Necklaces

The wedding ring we love now

I have dreamed of this day since I was a child. Stand on the day that the person with dreams says, “I will.” When he knelt down, that gorgeous engagement ring made you salivate, the engagement ring immediately became your new favorite, and now you can find the perfect wedding ring to praise it.

Wedding rings are one of the most important and symbolic jewelry you will always have, which will always represent your commitment to each other on special days.

Not all diamond wedding rings are the same, so finding the right diamond wedding ring is significant! So, where do you even start? Have you thought about what metal type you want your wedding ring to be? Do you know if you want to match the engagement ring? Do you want a lot of diamonds? There are many things to consider about your wedding ring.

To get you started, here are the top Boston wedding ring styles you need to know:

1) Twisted Wedding Band

4 Unique Wedding RingsNow popular Boston wedding rings: twisted diamond wedding rings. Bands like this are indeed very delicate, and the delicate design can be paired with any diamond ring. This distinctive style is an interesting twist on the popular Diamond Eternity Band you often see. The ring The above uses alternating bezels and pavé diamonds to make the design more refined. These interesting designs are unique and make your diamond bracelet more personal. Mix, match, and have fun with different styles!

2) Rose Gold Wedding Band

4 Unique Wedding RingsMake your ring unique in the ocean of platinum and platinum Boston wedding rings! Rose gold wedding rings are a beautiful and unique choice, and we are totally in love with this season. The romantic soft pink hue of rose gold continues to be popular among future Boston brides. Remember, you don’t have to match wedding rings and engagement rings perfectly. In fact, mixing and matching different types of metals is a very popular style trend. Therefore, if you are looking for popular ready-made products, you should definitely consider using rose gold wedding rings.

3) Bead Set Wedding Band

4 Unique Wedding Rings

To date, beaded rings are one of the most popular wedding band styles, and we see Boston brides choose this season. These platinum rings (see above) have shiny paving diamonds on the entire ring or half of the ring. This style is great because it is simple and elegant, but still exudes a lot of brilliance. Compared with other wedding rings, the wedding ring is less likely to be caught by certain fabrics! In addition, if you choose an engagement ring in platinum, the ring will be made of the strongest and most durable metal. It can withstand daily wear and tear well.

4) Shared Prong Wedding Band

If you want 360 degrees of sparkle from your wedding band, this is the style for you! Unlike a bezel set wedding band, a shared prong setting makes the most out of the diamond’s sparkle and shine. This beautiful band is popular because of the way the diamonds catch the light (and the eye of all of your friends). However, this trending Boston wedding band may not be best for you if you’re extremely active or work with your hands, so talk to your jeweler about wearability and your lifestyle before choosing this ring. As with choosing your engagement ring style, there are a lot of practical considerations for picking the perfect wedding band too.

Layering Necklaces

The Art of Layering Necklaces

Today, it’s all about personalizing your style, just putting on clothes and decorating it with one thing is outdated. We all like to add personal style, whether by adding clothes or accessories to make it unique. A trend that has really become popular recently is the layering trend of necklaces, which has also been discovered by many bloggers. If you are willing to try the same method, but are confused about how to use it, you can refer to the following tips, which will make you look like a professional. click here for more

Layering Necklaces – The Number:

Layering Necklaces Stacking too many necklaces at once will make you look like a Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights. Are you sure you don’t want to look like that…? For your safety, unless you know how to shake this trend, do not stack more than three necklaces at a time.

Layering Necklaces – The Distance:

Layering Necklaces A layered necklace will look good only if you leave a space for a single necklace to express yourself. Therefore, it is important to leave a certain gap between the layers and not concentrate the beauty in one place.

Layering Necklaces – The Thickness:

It is best if layering is done on thin necklaces; otherwise, it may cause a lot of confusion and fail to present a clear picture. Therefore, in terms of layering, necklaces of the same thickness are the best.

Layering Necklaces – The Material:

Layering Necklaces Now, this is a tough question. It is best not to over-mix metals. Silver and gold do not look very good in most cases, and it also depends on the clothes you wear. Similarly, pearls are not good-looking. Therefore, your safest option here is to pick up only one material and mix it with it.

The layering of the necklace actually matches everything, such as a front collar top, a Peter Pant shirt, a spoon neck dress, and anything you can imagine. Don’t put the necklace on a busy/printed dress or shirt, because that is useless and will only complicate already busy patterns.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of necklaces, so please keep these basic points in mind, and continue to look for pictures on the Internet for inspiration. Most important of all, trust your gut feeling about it, and you will, for sure, look fab. Give a personal touch to your get up and make a new accessory every time; you layer on your neckpieces.

You can now check out the necklace collection Here. Flaunt what you’ve got (and layer them on)

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