5 DIY jewelry box ideas you must know

Looking for a unique box to store jewelry, but don’t like the idea of buying an expensive jewelry box? Like to organize your jewelry, but don’t know what to do? Well, you are in the right place! Please continue reading to master DIY art and design some very cool jewelry boxes for your precious objects.

Tin Jewelry Box

Tin Jewelry BoxTake a rectangular tin can and turn it into a classic jewelry box. Use cardboard to separate the boxes. Reserve a long segment for the chain, a small segment for the ring, and each segment for the bracelet and earrings. Voila! It’s that simple! Paint the box, graffiti on the surface, attach stickers or decorative tape to make it look as stylish as you!

Ring Box

Tin Jewelry BoxAlthough keeping the rings open will damage their luster and beauty, managing many ring boxes is difficult. Why not make a separate box and store all the rings in one place?

Take an empty box and cover it with a soft flannel. Use contrasting fabrics and cut out longer box widths. Roll them up, stuff them and stack them together. Store the ring between these fabric rolls!

Egg Tray Jewelry Box

Tin Jewelry Box

Ever thought of an egg tray as a jewelry box? Well, you can actually do it, and it’s easy! Use egg trays as they are to store chains, rings, and earrings. To jazz it up, spray some paint on the tray, sprinkle with glitter powder, and then prepare the jewelry box!

Desk Jewelry Box

Renovate your desk stroller drawer to ensure the safety of your jewelry. Paint the surface with your favorite color, use the unused old jewelry as a knob, and then it’s ok! An old drawer has been recovered and is ready to be used again!

Chocolate Jewelry Box

Everyone will occasionally get a chocolate box. After you love to treat taste buds with chocolate, do not throw them in the trash. Instead, use beautiful boxes (yes, they are usually an amazing miracle) to organize our fine jewelry. Use fresh paper cups, arrange them in a chocolate box, and put chains, rings, earrings, brooches, anklets, and toe rings in them. Easy, isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Start looking for unused boxes in the house, put on a creative hat, and start working!

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