The Art of Layering Necklaces

Today, it’s all about personalizing your style, just putting on clothes and decorating it with one thing is outdated. We all like to add personal style, whether by adding clothes or accessories to make it unique. A trend that has really become popular recently is the layering trend of necklaces, which has also been discovered by many bloggers. If you are willing to try the same method, but are confused about how to use it, you can refer to the following tips, which will make you look like a professional. click here for more

Layering Necklaces – The Number:

Layering Necklaces Stacking too many necklaces at once will make you look like a Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights. Are you sure you don’t want to look like that…? For your safety, unless you know how to shake this trend, do not stack more than three necklaces at a time.

Layering Necklaces – The Distance:

Layering Necklaces A layered necklace will look good only if you leave a space for a single necklace to express yourself. Therefore, it is important to leave a certain gap between the layers and not concentrate the beauty in one place.

Layering Necklaces – The Thickness:

It is best if layering is done on thin necklaces; otherwise, it may cause a lot of confusion and fail to present a clear picture. Therefore, in terms of layering, necklaces of the same thickness are the best.

Layering Necklaces – The Material:

Layering Necklaces Now, this is a tough question. It is best not to over-mix metals. Silver and gold do not look very good in most cases, and it also depends on the clothes you wear. Similarly, pearls are not good-looking. Therefore, your safest option here is to pick up only one material and mix it with it.

The layering of the necklace actually matches everything, such as a front collar top, a Peter Pant shirt, a spoon neck dress, and anything you can imagine. Don’t put the necklace on a busy/printed dress or shirt, because that is useless and will only complicate already busy patterns.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of necklaces, so please keep these basic points in mind, and continue to look for pictures on the Internet for inspiration. Most important of all, trust your gut feeling about it, and you will, for sure, look fab. Give a personal touch to your get up and make a new accessory every time; you layer on your neckpieces.

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